A Global Issue: Food Wastage

Millions go hungry and the average Australian household wastes $1036 worth of food per year, it’s time to re-think food wastage in Australia.

Image copied from: http://www.go.asia/category/food-waste_fact/page/2/
Image copied from: http://www.go.asia/category/food-waste_fact/page/2/

With the ever growing population, food wastage is a big issue. Worldwide, millions of people are chronically undernourished and this includes people living in Australia. The average Australian household discards 20% of the food they purchase which is equivalent to $1036.00 worth of food thrown away each year per household. Alarmingly, Australians waste 4,000,000 tonnes of food each year which is $8 billion of wastage.

Why should you care about food wastage?

The environmental impact of food wastage is huge, when food rots it produces a greenhouse gas called methane which is 25 times more potent that carbon dioxide. Furthermore, this also costs us money in terms of water, fuel and resources to produce the food which we have wasted.

How can you help?

The issue can be tackled from each stage of food production including production, transportation and in the home as a consumer. As consumers, it is important for us to be aware of how much food we are wasting. You can also make a difference and here are a few tips to help you reduce how much food you wastage:

  • Always take a shopping list to the supermarket so that you only buy what you need.
  • Store your food correctly and ensure you take note of expiry dates, a good way to do this is to organise your pantry and fridge keeping products that need to be used up first at the front.
  • Freeze old fruits and vegetables if you are not going to use them before they are spoilt, then they can be used at a later date.
  • Make vegetable quiches, a soup or stew to use up odd vegetables that you have in your fridge before they go rotten.
  • Keep leftovers in a container for the next day and ask for a doggie bag at restaurants.
  • Ask for smaller serving sizes at restaurants.
  • Make a worm garden for throwing your vegetable scraps.

For more information, see Foodfacts Index: http://www.foodfactsindex.com/en/editorial-en/columns/reducing-food-wastage/

You can also visit the Foodwise website: http://www.foodwise.com.au/foodwaste/food-waste-fast-facts/


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